All aboard building the arts calendar!


The arts calendar ( / which opens in the beginning of 2017 highlights the young talent from various fields of art from across Finland.


Based on the Arts calendar for Children and Young People contest for Finland’s centenary celebrations, 13 film projects were selected and funded in part to be produced. Now we want to invite all arts schools in Finland as well as the children’s arts centres to participate and produce their own film projects. Come and join us in building an arts calendar and suggest your own productions to be included. These projects can be inspired for instance by the Finnish history, celebrations or flag days.


We hope to see cross-arts collaborative short films that highlight the perspective of children and young people of a hundred years old Finland and Finnishness in general. This calendar collects artistic angles that shed light on the meaning of Finnish culture to young people – and also what it could be for instance in 50 years, when Finland celebrates its 150th birthday.


Videos can be ones that already exist or something produced for this purpose and they can be offered to the arts calendar during the whole of 2017!


Videos made by schools that are part of the Basic education of arts are included on our Arts Calendar YouTube channel and linked to the website


We hope that also other children and young people, for instance school groups, will be inspired to make their own videos. Whether the videos are produced in schools or homes, the links and hashtags can be sent to our website where we collect information about these various projects.


Participate by sending us an email and we will be in contact:


Read more about the Arts Calendar for Children and Young People project


Information about the project and permits needed from participants


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