The Different roles of the flag days

Hyvinkään kaupungin lasten ja nuorten kuvataidekoulu

Liputuspäivän eri roolit_Agricola_tiedotuskuva

Children interpreted the themes of official Finnish flag days and delved into the roles of significant people behind those days. The day of Kalevala, Minna Canth, Mikael Agricola, Eino Leino and Sibelius as well as May Day.

The different eras of Finnish authors.

Video depicts an imagined situation where authors from three different eras work on their writing. Agricola, Lönnrot and a modern day author.

Video will be released later during the year.

Which flag day would I want?

Children created advertising videos for topics that they would like to see having their own flag days.




Videos will be released during the year.