In order to present the videos available on website as well as on various events during the Finnish centenary celebrations, The Finnish Association of Children’s Art Centres makes an official contract according to the intellectual property as well as privacy laws of Finland. The contracts are made with the technical creators of these videos (e.g. camera operators, editors), content creators (e.g. composer, choreographer) as well as with the performers and all appearing in a recognisable way in any of the videos. When the participants are under the age of 18, the contract and permit is signed by the guardian.


The contracts used and created for this purpose are available from and they can be used freely. The contracts consider showing the videos in local events and publications.


The permits can be given on the premise that for the time being the work is free to use or as temporary arrangement. Please note that we are only able to make temporary arrangements (2-5 years) if the work has any copyrighted music.


The Finnish Association of Children’s Art Centres will not sign the contract if the video is published on the creator’s own web site or social media and only linked to the Arts Calendar website. In this situation, the publisher of the video is responsible for their own permits and contracts in accordance to the Finnish legislation.