The Arts Calendar for Children and Young People consists of short video films where the lead role is played by the children and young people as creators of art. You are most welcome to find out what are the children’s interpretations of Finnish flag days, stories, culture and nature. The project is part of the centenary celebrations of the Finnish independence. Every month we will have new content for you to enjoy.

The starting point for the Arts Calendar for Children and Young People are the interpretations of young people in Finland of the identity, culture, nature, official flag days as well as their new suggestions for additional flag days.

The project is part of the Finland 100 celebrations and it is organised by The Association of Basic Education in the Arts.

Many thanks to our collaborating partners and supporters | Finland 100 official programme, The Finnish Association of Children’s Art Centres, Multimedia House Mediagents Oy, Stoorimedia Oy, the members of the The Association of Basic Education in the Arts, Svenska Kulturfonden / Swedish Cultural Fund, Tuula Rajavaara.

The project working group:
Anu Hietala, Mikko Kapanen, Timo Klemettinen, Sanna Meska

Swedish | Ida Forsman
English | Mikko Kapanen

Website | Mikko Kapanen – Press75

Project coordination | Anu Hietala


The The Association of Basic Education in the Arts is an umbrella organisation for:

Association of Performing Art Schools 

Association of Handicraft and Design Schools – Taito 

The Finnish Association of Art Schools for Children and Young People 

The Finnish Association of Music Schools 

The Finnish Association of Literary Art Education 

The Finnish Association of Dance Schools – STOPP 

TPO works in collaboration with The Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres.



Espoo School of Art

Espoo school of performing arts

Espoo Music Institute

Hurja Piruetti Western Uusimaa Dance Institute

Hyvinkää City Art School for children and youth

Northern Helsinki Art School

Rauma Music Institute / The Rauma Youth Wind Band

Sydkustens ordkonstskola

Pirkanmaa music institute

Sara Hildén -academy

Tampere Conservatoire

Sorin Sirkus